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marketing services egypt .  public relations companies egypt

White.Maze produces clean, functional designs, that clearly reflect the ethos of the company or brand.


Affordable Design. We provide clients who cannot afford high end outsourced graphic options, with an alternative of design developed inhouse. This involves identifying available fonts and logos from the web that are creatively manipulated to fit the project at hand. We call this clean, safe design.


High value e-marketing tools. The recent merging of print and digital, has lend to innovative ways of standing out from the crowd. Websites and online brochures are increasingly popular with evolving content and high levels of interactive engagement. Well designed e-flyers and e-newsletters are not only effective in building awareness, but also timely, affordable and eco-friendly.


Our services include business collateral design (business cards, e-letterheads etc.), e-flyers, e-newsletters, presentations and online banners, among others.


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